Can I order less than your stated US$4000 minimum order requirement?
In some cases yes, however the term FOB may not apply.

Are your prices negotiable?
We are always willing to consider discounts for multiple container loads of mixed goods or bulk purchases of individual products.

Can I order less than the stated minimums for individual items?
We are unable to accept orders for less than the quantities stated on our price list.

How long will it take to make my order?
This will depend on the size and complexity of the order itself. Please let us know the quantities and codes of the items that you require so that we can advise a production schedule. 

Do you provide samples of your products?
We can supply samples of most items. If you require the samples to be sent by DHL, Fedex,UPS, etc, one we confirm sample are ready to send please ask your currier of choice to call to our warehouse to pick them up.

Do you hold stock of your products?
We do not hold stock of any items, the production of every order begins upon receipt of a 50% deposit.

Do you offer credit terms?
We do not offer any credit terms. Please remember, you are purchasing at source at a price that is far lower than you would pay locally in your own country.

I have other suppliers in Bali. Can you help to consolidate their orders with yours so that I can send everything as a single shipment?
Sure, let us know who they are and we'll liaise with them to make sure that all of your orders are sent as one shipment.

How much will the shipping charges be?
This will depend on the size of your shipment and the method of shipping. When inquiring about shipping charges, we kindly request that you let us know the codes and quantities of the items you are interested in ordering, your chosen method of shipping, air or sea, and your nearest international port or airport. This will not obligate you in any way, but it will enable us to obtain a quotation based on the information provided.

My local wholesaler in the USA only has a minimum order requirement of US$100. Why is Bali Directs minimum requirement US$4000?
Please remember that you are buying at source. Orders of a lesser amount probably would not work out to be economical for shipping and in many cases it may be that your freight costs far exceed the cost of the goods themselves. We assume that you have approached us because you want to cut out your local wholesaler and save money, if that is the case, we kindly request that you be prepared to buy on the same terms as wholesalers would.

Can you give me exclusivity on your products?
Subject to your orders reaching an agreed amount, we may be able to grant you exclusivity for our own exclusive designs in either, your Town, State or Country. For many other items that are on general sale here in Indonesia, we are unable to offer an exclusivity deal.

Can I visit you?
Sure, we have a showroom in Bali, located at Br. Gentong,  Jl Raya Tegallalang,  Ubud, 80571, Bali. 

If you are a volume buyer and would like to view our in-house production ranges please contact us to make an appointment.

Why don't you state your prices on your website?
We are a business to business company and do not sell to the general public. We are actually asked by many customers to not state our prices on our website. The reason being that our customers do not want their customers to see how much they are paying for our products. We request that customers submit a price request form to us as we would like to know what kind of customer has an interest in our products, where they are from, their line of business, etc. That helps us to tune in to our customers needs and provide them with more information of new products when they become available. It also helps us to verify whether or not an inquiry is from a bona fide business.

How can I pay for my order?
For orders placed from outside of Indonesia, we only accept payment by telegraphic transfer. We require a 50% deposit at the time that your order is placed with us with the remainder payable upon completion of the order and prior to shipment of the said goods.

I have seen your product images on some other websites operated by other Bali wholesalers. I have also been sent some product images that are identical to those on your website as part of a direct marketing campaign by another Bali wholesale company. Are you connected with these or other companies?
If you have seen any of our images on any other Bali Handicraft sites they are unauthorized copies. Please be careful about doing business with such unscrupulous companies as they are out to make a fast buck from doing next to nothing. Sometimes operating from an internet cafe or bedroom they have little infrastructure in place and simply cannot provide a  reliable or dependable service. Often they will offer products at very low prices to further entice customers to buy.  We have recently heard of a buyer sending a large deposit for an order that was 'the deal of a lifetime' only for the company to disappear in to thin air. Needless to say, along with the buyers money!!  

Please do let us know if you have seen our images elsewhere. Where diplomatic channels have failed in the past we have been successful through legal action in getting some of the copiers to remove our images from their sites. Help us to help you to make shopping for Bali handicrafts a truly enjoyable, rewarding and profitable experience. And please don't let the above put you off buying from Bali, many companies operating here do conduct business in an ethical manner.

For some qualified customers we do allow the use of our product images to assist with their marketing campaigns. Therefore, it may be possible that you have seen some of our images being used by companies outside of Bali and Indonesia. If in doubt, drop us a line and let us know who they are and we'll verify whether or not they are authorized to do so.

My question is not in the above list. Can I contact you with more questions that I have?
We shall be pleased to answer any of your questions. We are approachable and friendly, so please feel free to contact us at any time.